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Zones In Bollywood Park Dubai

The Bollywood Park is divided into 5 zones, each featuring live entertainment and food inspired by classic Bollywood movies. Every single one of the Bollywood park Zones provide a distinct encounter for Bollywood fans, helping to create a very well rounded Bollywood journey. You will have a great time whether you are a lover of classic films or new psychedelic ones. Each zone in the Bollywood Park is a unique idea, with 4D musical events as well as amazing Bollywood acts taking visitors home to Bollywood's glory days while yet staying current with the sci fi movies.

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bollywood boulevard.jpg
Bollywood Boulevard

This Bollywood Park Zone, Bollywood Boulevard, is the epicentre of Bollywood mayhem. This area is bursting with Bollywood atmosphere, featuring lively popular music, vibrant colors, as well as adorable restaurants. At the Crossroads stage, you may immerse yourself in a profound Bollywood fever and journey back in time to the golden period of Indian Cinema. Rides- Crossroads, Rock On, Desi Emporium, Chalte Chalte

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Mumbai Chowk Bollywood Park
Mumbai Chowk

In the land of Arabs, discover the wealth of Bombay, the city of dreams and the movie sector's heart. Accompany the lovable Don and go on a thrilling 3D tunnel journey with him in this Bollywood park Zone. Feel the romanticism of the Mumbai Express by taking a train journey and witnessing live shows here on the train's roof. Rides - Don 3D ride, Tanga No 13, Taxi No 1

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Bollywood Park
Royal Plaza

The core of Bollywood Park Dubai is the Royal Plaza, popularly called as the Rajmahal Theatre. Enjoy a variety of classic Hindi musicals, notably Jaan-e-Jigar, the very first Broadway style Bollywood play here in this Zone in Bollywood park in Dubai. Live shows such as Ishqabad bring a fantastic narrative full of magic, mystery, and tragedy to life. Rides - Ishqabad, Jaan - e - Jigar, Stars on Step

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Lagaan Champner Bollywood Park
Rustic Ravine

When you explore the Zones in Bollywood park in Dubai, particularly the Rustic Ravine, you'll be transported to the magical land of rural India. The motion simulation voyage will transfer you to Bhuvan, who, much like in the blockbuster Lagaan, would instruct you the principles of the sport and aid you in hitting the victory sixer even if you are a novice. Rides - The Bollywood Skyflyer, The Abra Ka Dabra, Rocket, Lagaan - The Thrill pf Victory, Lagaan - Bhuyan’s Wheel

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Bollywood Park Beauty
Bollywood Film Studios

In the Bollywood Film Studios, immerse yourself in the majesty of Indian cinema through a holistic 4D encounter in this Bollywood Park Dubai Zone. Enjoy every one of your beloved Bollywood actors in this one of a kind theatre that will take your movie going experience to the next level. Krrish themed rides, which are particularly popular with children, may be found in this zone. The behind the scenes section is a must see since it provides overview of the process of making Bollywood movies and live performance events. Rides - Ra.One - Unleashed, Krrish - Hero’s Flight

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Bollywood Park
Mela Junction

This Mela Junction zone is called mela, which signifies fair or carnival in Hindi. In this vividly coloured Bollywood park Zone, visitors may enjoy a variety of exhilarating amusement attractions, as well as tasty Indian cuisine from Namaste India, a great restaurant. Rides - Rodeo Ki Sawari, Monsoon Masti, Wheel of Stars, Hawa Hawai

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Which are the famous rides to experience in Bollywood Park Dubai?

Tanga No. 13 In the Bollywood theme park, Tanga No 13 invites the tiny thrill lovers on a fun journey. The amusing activity, on the other hand, is distinctive in that it could whirl the kids and their parents in a happy circular motion that will give an exciting 'wave effect,' guaranteeing that everyone has a good time.

Monsoon Masti The Monsoon Masti, which combines dynamic water pistol fighting with a thrilling circular basket ride, is a great way to have some wet fun. While spinning and whirling and laughing heartily, spray water on your friends and family with a big water gun. It is present in the Mela Junction Zone in Bollywood park in Dubai.

Sholay: the Hunt for Gabbar Singh In this final battle, take on your beloved enemy, Gabbar Singh, and his minions. Fire with your laser pistols and beat the dacoits as a squad in this 3D activity from Dubai Parks and Resorts' Bollywood Park. Completing the level with the greatest points will get you mangoes!

Lagaan: the Thrill of Victory Enjoy the most furious cricket match against the Colonial masters there in the past, then make your country triumphant! The action simulation trip will transport you to Bhuvan, who would also explain you the fundamentals of the sport and assist you in scoring the victory sixer even if you're a rookie.

How to reach Bollywood park in dubai ?

By metro - Catch the Red Line Bus from Terminal 3 if you prefer to travel by metro. Then to go to this Bollywood amusement park, hire a private cab from Jebel Ali.

By Bus - There are additional buses that travel between Downtown Dubai and the rest of the city. You may then get a cab to Bollywood Park Dubai after you've arrived at a nearby bus station.

By cab - You may also rent a cab to get to Bollywood Park Dubai, but it will be more expensive than taking public transit.

What are the tips to keep in mind while visiting Bollywood Park Dubai ?

Parking permits can be obtained at the park's entrance desk after entering the Bollywood park. The length of time spent on stage may differ. As a result, please take preventive measures and allow yourself little additional time. Due to capacity limits, visitors may return the next day if the Park is full, particularly during Eid holidays. You will not be charged extra money for that. Since you will be traveling on foot a lot, ensure you stick to walking shoes, preferably sneakers.

What is the best time to visit Dubai Bollywood Park?

Although Dubai Bollywood Park is operating throughout the year, it is recommended that you come around September through March to take full advantage of your vacation as well as enjoy the top attractions. The weather is pleasant from September to March, making it possible to enjoy all of the highlights. As there will be less crowd than usual, queues will be short as well .

How much time is needed to explore Bollywood Park Dubai fully?

With so many attractions to choose from, Bollywood Park Dubai has become an instant favorite of all the people, regardless of age. Hence to cover up all the major attraction, you will need at least 3 hours. If you want to take full advantage of your visit, it is recommended that you spend at least 4 hours here.

Is Bollywood Park Dubai indoor or Outdoor?

Bollywood Park Dubai has both indoor and outdoor attractions in each of the Bollywood park Zones. However, the number of indoor attractions and rides are more than the outdoor ones.

Why is Bollywood Park so famous in Dubai ?

For all Bollywood aficionados, Bollywood theme park Dubai is the destination to vacation. With your loved ones, you will be able to appreciate the park's colourful movies, dance routines, as well as other live entertainment. It wonderfully depicts Bollywood's incredible energy as well as the stars who make it possible in 5 distinct Bollywood park Zones. As a result, the public adores it so much.

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